Melimalle (amourdimpulsion) wrote in nz_ed,

Slimmm fat burner pills review

I brought these pills a few days ago and thought I'd do a little review because I feel if its something you might want to try then you should be prepared. You can buy them from Countdown (maybe other supermarkets?) for around $30ish dollars for 30 tablets (I think). They are big huge pink fuckers that taste a little off as they go down. It says to have one or two before a meal or a workout and it implies that four is the max. But it doesn't explicitly say not to go over that. They aren't supposed to be taken with prescription meds (whatever) or if you have an medical conditions. For the past two days I've been having four spaced out over the day and I felt them in my stomach and oesphogus quite quickly. Slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable. Then this morning I took five at once and went to the gym. Five minutes into my workout I had to bail from the crosstrainer to go violently vomit my red bull and some other burning liquid into the public gym loo (not self-induced. I actually had to run and clamp my mouth tight). I can't tell if it's helped me lose weight because I'm not weighing until Monday but I will keep you updated. These pills were taken with no food and I was restricting throughout the day so that might have been a factor.

Anyone else got diet pill reviews?


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